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The Sky Village - A Hamlet amid the Nature

Nothing could be more promising than a holiday at an adventure Camp, the cool greenness of Himalayan valleys with its wide range of ferns, trees, and flora that feel like solace to your dust-weary soul. Don’t you feel so? The Sky Village truly values your comfort and hence comes with a complete package of relaxation, adventure and fun. Located at the Billing, 14 kilometers to Bir, the Sky Village is one of its kinds. Besides offering hospitality services, we also host adventurous activities including paragliding, trekking and camping. Yes… we do! We are the only Camp at the Billing. Hence, we ensure best services packed with comfort, luxury and ecstasy.

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Fly like a bird in the blue sky and capture the beauty of world below. Yes,paragliding is adventurous activity that helps you get a glimpse of the natural beauty around you. Trust us, you’re the luckiest!



Do you feel the calling from one of Himalaya’s most beautiful gem, Himachal? Nestled in the lap of Himalaya and surrounded with amazing scenic splendors, Himachal is a bliss for people seeking peace .


You can go for a trek from Bir to Billing which is take off point for Paragliding. You can walk through the hills admiring nature and its beauty. Distance of total 7 km to reach on the top of beautiful hills.  

Why Choose Us

The Sky Village has been into the industry since years and have a firm belief in the philosophy of serving our customers and make their travel experience fun. At the Sky Village, we hold adequate expertise and all the needful resources for ensuring customers customized and well-arranged packages.Himachal Pradesh is one place in India that entices people from across the world. Sky-touching hills covered with snow, lush green lands and narrow, curvy valleys – there is a unique charm of this Indian state. Hence, there are so many amazing things and places to explore here. Apart from the natural beauty, its endless list of unique lifestyle, cultures and traditions induce travellers to come and explore during this place. Paragliding in Himachal, trekking in Billing and camping in Bir are the major fascination for people in this area. And we help you achieve all this in the most convenient and budget-friendly manner. Our trekking packages offer several facilities to ensure that you don't have to worry about trivialities. We ensure comfort allowing customers you to concentrate on exploring the destinations you wish to explore making the process soothing and memorable. Read More

About Us

Are you fond of adventure?  Do you love wandering in the snowy hills? Have you ever dreamt of flying in the sky? If answer to all these questions is YES, then TheSkyVillage is the ultimate choice for you to satiate your hunger for adventure. The Sky Village Camp is situated about 50 km away from Dharamshala International Airport. Surrounded by lush green vegetation of Himachal, the Camp has its own beauty. It welcomes you at the heart of its 2 acre private estate, magnificently situated in the midst of majestic mountains, breathe in fresh mountain air, enjoy wonderful views and spend unforgettable hours in the midst of untouched nature. The Sky Village is known for its paragliding, trekking and camping services.Read More