Why The Sky Village

The Sky Village has been into the industry since years and have a firm belief in the philosophy of serving our customers and make their travel experience fun. At the Sky Village, we hold adequate expertise and all the needful resources for ensuring customers customized and well-arranged packages.

Himachal Pradesh is one place in India that entices people from across the world. Sky-touching hills covered with snow, lush green lands and narrow, curvy valleys – there is a unique charm of this Indian state. Hence, there are so many amazing things and places to explore here. Apart from the natural beauty, its endless list of unique lifestyle, cultures and traditions induce travellers to come and explore during this place. Paragliding in Himachal, Trekking in Bir Billing and Camping in Bir are the major fascination for people in this area. And we help you achieve all this in the most convenient and budget-friendly manner. Our trekking packages offer several facilities to ensure that you don’t have to worry about trivialities. We ensure comfort allowing customers you to concentrate on exploring the destinations you wish to explore making the process soothing and memorable.

We feel proud to say that our long list of clients comprises travellers and voyagers from India as well as abroad. We are glad that we have been able to help them realize their dream of exploring the richness of our country. Keeping in mind the different tastes and needs of people from various corners of world; our packages are highly customized and budget friendly. We believe in transparency and hence do not include any hidden charges.

The fun and excitement of trekking in Himachal can be experienced in trekking hotspots. A lot of these trekking destinations have various grades of treks such as easy treks, moderate treks, and tough treks. We help you choose the best trek based on your capability so that safety aspect can be addressed along fun. Apart from trekking, we also specialize in paragliding in the Bir Billing wherein we offer the best experience with complete safety.

If you are a travel junkie or a novice traveller who dreams of exploring the deep valleys and hills, you can rely on us to help you fulfil your dreams. The Sky Village is powered by an experienced and energetic team that puts customer satisfaction above everything and is ever willing to go the extra distance to make things convenient and exciting for you.

Travel around and experience the best of Himachal with the best resort in the state. Try your hands at various thrilling activities like Trekking, Camping and Paragliding in Himachal. Also, stay at a lavish resort that offers world class services under your budget. In short, we are the ultimate travel assistance company for your expedition to Himachal. So, are you ready to satiate your wanderlust? Contact the Sky Village today and leave the rest on us! We will make your trip the most memorable and breath-taking experience for you!

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Camping tour in Bir Billing valley

Mission & Target

Our Mission is to carry about pioneering Adventure actions to our customers and to create the outing arresting sparks in their life, to attach every other through team structure behavior and to prove themselves their internal strength by the destination.

Sustainable Travel

The Sky Village strongly acknowledges and endorses the principles of responsible tourism to ensure that your journeys are socially, economically and ecologically friendly and provide the maximum benefit to the local people and communities.

Our Core Values

Our main aim is to promote the strength of adventure and channelize the power in the majority positive way and to transport the youth in straight contact with hardship and learn the means to conquer them provide in by natural world and of route existence.

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