• The Sky Village (A Unit of Ishairah Farms) Billings (H.P)Distt. Kangra

Waterfall in Bir - Trek & Trails

Bir Billing is an adventutous little town in the lap of Himachal Pradesh.

Gunehar Waterfall, Bir Billing
Gunehar Waterfalls is the prime attraction of the Gunehar village that is tucked up on a hillock, around 1.5 km away from Bir in Himachal Pradesh, at a height of 100 ft. The gorgeous waterfall can be reached through a short trek from the village and is surely going to be one of the most thrilling and enriching experiences of your life. The crystal clear water cascading down the hillock is a pure visual delight. And aside for the mesmerising landscape, you can also enjoy jeep rides or ride mountain bikes through the quaint pathways.

The spot is frequented by a number of tourists, especially photography buffs and nature lovers. Among the most popular things to do in Gunehar is watching the mesmerising sunsets or walking down amidst the heart melting greenery or simply just sipping the delightful Tibetan tea. You can also catch a view of the magnificent Dhauladhar mountains in the backdrop.

Bangoru Waterfall
Bir has a number of small waterfalls near its perimeter. One such waterfall to visit is Bangoru Waterfall located at a distance of 4.5 km from the Tibetian Colony. , covered with lush green grass and chilling cold water is a perfect spot to flaunt your Instagram pictures. To reach the spot, walk from Billing Junction towards the Gunehar Village and just few steps ahead is this wonderful waterfall. Sit, relax, meditate, play, bathe enjoy your heart out, cause that’s what we are here for. As It is not very popular among the tourists but is a sweet spot for a simple day out. The beauty of Bir is spread everywhere and this waterfall is not an exception.

Rajgundha Valley: An Offbeat Trek and trails from Bir Billing
A small village lying between the Dhauladhar Ranges, Rajgundha Valley is not connected by any roads. This is why it is a popular trekking spot for all the adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. The trek is a full of flora and fauna with birds chirping and flowers blooming all around with the smell of tree leaves and soil. Even if you are not a nature lover, you will surely become once you witness its beauty.

The temperature in summers is around 25 degrees with pleasant weather. Winters are not so harsh here and have an average temperature of around 1-2 degrees which is lower as compared to other high altitude treks. It receives a good amount of rainfall during the monsoon season and therefore trekking at this of the year is not preferable. The best time to visit RajGundha village is in the month of March-May. you may get to see snow in the month of March here. Snow depletes in the following month and the weather becomes pleasant. The mornings at this time are mesmerizing.