• The Sky Village (A Unit of Ishairah Farms) Billings (H.P)Distt. Kangra

Paragliding in Bir Billing Himachal

Is one of the best gliding sites in the world.

Some fear darkness, some fear water and some fear heights! But overcoming your fear is what life is all about. There is a surfeit of things people do in search of adventure and paragliding is one of them. And what place can be better than Bir Billing Himachal to live your dreams and life together in the lap of nature?
Bir Billing, among other paragliding spots in India, is a small village in Himachal Pradesh – famed worldwide – for hosting the first ever world cup of paragliding. After bringing exclusive enchiridions on rafting in Manali and Rishikesh, it becomes only fair to help you with essentials of paragliding in Bir Billing.

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Short Paragliding session is INR 1500/- which is 10 to 15 min Himachal Pradesh
Pre book your Short paragliding session.

  • You have to reach at Bir and give us call our team will take care next.
  • Our team will take you to paragliding take off point which is 16 km from the point given. It will take 45 mins to take you to Billing take off site. Drive to paragliding take off point is full of curves, if one have problem of motion sickness can sit in front seats of car and avoid in open area of Jeep.
  • Paragliding take off point is 2400 mts from sea level, one can carry at least jacket, proper shoes with them for paragliding session, weather can change any time in mountains of Bir Billing. Some time need to wait for getting weather clear for paragliding, so temperature lowers in those conditions. Be preparing for the same.

  • Things to Carry for Paragliding in Bir Billing valley.

  • Jacket for winters and windproof for summers.
  • Proper shoes – helpful in running and feet safety.
  • Sun glasses with 100% U/V protection, cap, sun block (30% and above SPF).
  • Retainers for spectacles/ sun glasses.

  • Why Safe With Us:-

  • Licensed Pilots.
  • Experience pilots more than 6 years for almost all pilots.
  • Proper Training and regular check during flights.
  • Equipment maintained properly.
  • Gliders use for limit recommended of 300 to 400 flying hrs.
  • Adventure sport is adventure till it safe and done as per guidelines.

  • Ready for paragliding and fly from Billing to Bir. During Take off

  • Follow pilot’s instruction.
  • Run till pilots ask to stop run, even your feet in air. Wind pull to back and you need to run with pilot.
  • If you run properly, no other instruction required.
  • Running depend upon wind condition at the time of Paragliding, some time its very normal sometime 8-10 steps.
  • Pilots attached behind you, if you won’t run, he stuck with you and chances of fall.

  • Air time during short paragliding session.

  • Sit properly.
  • Don’t ask pilot to let you handle it or experience control.
  • Stunts in air not safe- stunts create extra pressure on ropes, strings, carabineer and extra force may cause break of lines or carabineer. Be careful about all these.
  • Don’t use liquor or smoke.
  • Careful with your phone and wallet. They fall from loose pockets. Once can handover to pilots during flight for its safety or keep with you if you have zip pockets.
  • You can use pilots GOPRO for video which he charge INR 500/- or mobile phone but carefully.

Paragliding weight limit is 25-90 kg, if weight is between 90-115 kg the paragliding team charge INR 500/- extra and also decide it at the time of paragliding, depending upon fitness of person.

Above price include your 16 km drive from Bir (Landing area) to Billing (Take off point).

Supplement charges for GOPRO camera is INR 500/- for video. Ask for pilots and pay to him directly.

This session is called as take off to landing; this short paragliding session is available from mid Sept to Mid June. One can go for more time in air for that you have to choose our other package will cost you little more.

Booking Procedure
To ensure the booking, 50% of the total payment at the time of booking and balance once you will check in at the camp.

Cancellation Policy
  • 20 days prior to travel date: Full refund advance payment.
  • 20 days onwards: No refund.