• The Sky Village (A Unit of Ishairah Farms) Billings (H.P)Distt. Kangra

Things to Do in Bir Billing

Plan a trip to the amazing Bir Billing hill station for a quiet time.

Paragliding, Camping, Trekking, Hang Gliding, Mountain Biking, Shopping at Bir Bazaar, Walking by Bir River, Travelling by Toy Train, Visiting Bangoru Waterfall, Deer Park Institute, Experience Spa With Arya Marga, Explore the Cafes of Bir, Worship at Chokling Monastery and many more.
Not just muscle-wrecking adventure sports, Bir is an amazing place for you if you wish to rejuvenate your weary soul and break away from the worldly worries. If you are seeking an escape from your 9 - 5 monotonous life and craving to spend some quality time with your friends and family, this is just the right place to hit.
Spend an adventure laden vacation including various activities like, hand gliding, trekking, and hiking or indulge in a quest to seek peace, a trip to Bir Billing will render you all. Make sure you choose an appropriate time to visit the destination according to your to-do list.

Activities to Do in Bir Billing

Paragliding in Bir Billing
Bir-Billing Paragliding is considered as one of the top three paragliding sites in the world. Known as the Paragliding capital of India, Bir attracts adventure-seekers from throughout the country and the world. Hence, some of the best time that you might spend here might be with your feet in the air. As exciting and thrilling as it is, the activity of paragliding is set amid the lush green meadows with starting point at Billing (2400 m) and landing takes place in the fields at Western Edge of Tibetan Colony in Chowgan (Bir, towards 14 km south). While the experienced get to do a solo show, a novice gets an adventure full ride in a two-seater glider with a skilled instructor.

Camping in Bir Billing
If you visit Bir Billing and stay inside the four premises of a hotel you are surely missing out an exquisite experience of enjoying your vacation in the lap of nature. If you want to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the place, go for camping. It is a divine experience that is beautiful way beyond words can express it. The Sky Village in Billing helps you to enjoy an explicit experience of camping. Camping at Billing will provide you with a magnificent opportunity of enjoying the raw beauties of nature without any disturbances.

Trekking in Bir Billing
What can be a better and exciting activity other than trekking when you are in the mountains? Trekking in Bir Billing is the perfect place for you if you are an adventure enthusiast and trekking has always been your dream. There are a number of tours and travel packages which offers a complete trip of Bir and its surrounding places at reasonable prices, which starts from eight thousand rupees per person. You can stay at tents and go for early morning treks under trained supervision and proper guidance.

Shopping at Bir Bazaar
A haven for shopaholics, Bir Road shimmers with a range of goodies that you would love to take back. Rich in Tibetan culture, the place has so much to offer for quenching your shopping thirst. There is a modest yet colorful culture of shopping in Bir, with a handful of local markets with much of the everyday hustle-bustle.

Hand gliding, Bir Billing
Another adventure sport which majorly attracts adventure seekers from all over the country, hand gliding is a popular sport which requires training for participation. Billing(14 km) is the launch pad for the hand gliders and Bir is the landing site.

Mountain biking in Bir Billing
Mountain biking in bir billing is one of the most adventurous sport you can undertake in this hill station. Riding in the mountains and hilly areas can be an uproarious task. However, if you are a brave-heart and want to enjoy your trip to the mountains to the fullest do try out the mountain biking. Biking through the serpentine rocky mountain roads is a lifetime of an experience and should not miss out on it at any cost.

Visit Bangoru Waterfall
Apart from many waterfalls that Bir has, Bangoru waterfall is one such place in Bir, you definitely can’t miss out. Located at a distance of 4.5 Km from Tibetan Colony, you are required to take up a small trek to reach the waterfall. The path to this waterfall is quite easy, all you have to do is walk towards the Billing Junction in Bir or towards the Gunehar Village and then walk straight.

Visit Deer Park Institute
Instilled with zeal and zest of the ancient Nalanda commingles with the fresh contemporary expression, the Deer Park Institute is a centre for the study and practice of classical Buddhist traditions, patronage by Dalai Lama. Established in 2006, this institute organises various programmes concerning meditation, philosophy, yoga and healing arts, Buddhism, art and culture.

Worship at Chokling Monastery
The Chokling Monastery is situated in Bir and is the epitome of beauty and cultural exuberance. A short visit inside the premises of this monastery is sure to leave you to spellbound and will enhance your yearning to leave the city and reside here amidst the peaceful ambiance.

Visit Dharmalaya Institute
Among other places to visit in Bir Billing, Dharmalaya Institute is a popular one. It is a charitable organization which is devoted to education and empowerment for a compassionate and peaceful living. It is an eco-campus which offers numerous environmental programmes which teaches about the conservation of the environment and how to safeguard it from any kind of disaster. It is located at a distance of 4kms from Bir Bazar.

Bajinath Temple
Baijnath is a town in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 50 kilometers from Dharamshala. A guide to Bir Billing says that the town got its name from the very famous and an ancient temple of Lord Shiva (Baijnath), which is situated there.

Visit Chowgan Tea Garden
Chowgan tea gardens are one such tea plantation area where different varieties of tea are grown and nurtured. Tea grown in this garden is being packed and exported to different parts of the country.

Visit the Himalayan Film School
Triggering your inner movie buff, the Himalayan film School organises various movie-making workshops, adding to one of the mandatory activities to do in Bir. Coming with various unique film festivals, the Himalayan film school is a must-visit place when in Bir. If you’re up for getting acquainted with something new, this is indeed something that would lure your interest.