• The Sky Village (A Unit of Ishairah Farms) Billings (H.P)Distt. Kangra

Adventure Tour Packages inBir - Billing

The Sky Village aim to provide unforgettable camping and paragliding experiences in Bir Billing, but our focus is broad in terms of destinations and trip styles. We started with the promotion of adventure tour packages in Himachal to suit every kind of traveller from Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh or Haryana. This incredible journey to Himachal gives you an ultimate opportunity to explore two naturally furnished regions from Billing to Barot. Bestowed with natural formations and heaven like ambience the regions of Billing and Barot are beautified with immense natural diversities. We believe that there is a difference between a tourist and a traveller and we focus in catering to travellers. We know what makes you tick when it comes to your trips – It is a desire shared by many others, a yearning to visit new places and come home with a real sense of what they are all about.

snow trek in bir billing
  • Bir Billing Best Trek for Winters
Snow Trek, Camping and Paragliding
Paragliding in Bir Billing
  • 10-20 Min & 20 -30 Min Paragliding Session
Paragliding in Bir Billing Himachal
adventure in bir billing
  • Raj Gundha Trek, Paragliding and Camping
2 Night Adventure at Bir Billing
tour packages for bir billing
  • Camping, Waterfall Trek, Paragliding
Adventure Packages in Bir Billing
Luxury Camping in Bir Billing
  • Camping & Paragliding in Bir Billing
Luxury Camping in Bir Billing
Bir Billing Paragliding

Fly like a bird in the blue sky and capture the beauty of world below. Yes, paragliding in bir Billing is adventurous activity that helps you get a glimpse of the natural beauty around you. Trust us, you’re the luckiest!..

Trek from Bir to Billing

You can go for a trek from Bir to Billing, which is the take off point for Paragliding. Walk through the hills admiring the plethora of offerings of diverse terrains and well-trodden scenic trekking trails....

Camping at Billing

Camps in Bir Billing are nestled in nature, forests & at the top of the hill which provides you with an unforgettable memory and holiday when you drive your sporty family car over challenging mountain and valley passes....

Bir Billing vacation
Stay in Bir Billing

Watch The Sky Village Camping

  • Adventure Camping Tour in Billing
    • Enjoy the bounty of natures best flora, fauna and the surroundings with this camping tour in the Bir Billing valley. Stay in wilderness of Bir. Camping experience with delicious food and amazing services.
  • Trekking to Rajgundha
    • Trekking in Rajgundha is over 16 kilometers long that connects two road heads and can be covered in a day or 2. The trekking experience offers snapshots of the village lifestyle, nature, wild life, and local culture.
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Bir Billing Himachal

Things to see and know more about Bir Billing Valley

activities in bir billing
Activities to do in Bir Billing

A small village in Himachal Pradesh located on the west of Joginder Nagar Valley.

trek in bir billing
Waterfall in Bir - Trek & Trails

Bir had many small waterfalls nearby which one can reach by hiking or trekking a little.

tribal village tour in billing
Tribal villages around Bir Billing valley

Bir Billing valley is gateway to various unexplored treks to tribal villages.

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